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We are the club your parents warned you about before they kissed you off to university. Welcome to the rest of your life. Welcome to CUSSC.

CUSSC prides itself with providing the greatest & most affordable skiing experience that is offered in New Zealand.


75th Anniversary Fund

To celebrate the long and impressive history of the club we are having a 75th dinner. The club has decided to allow donations to the club during this time as a way for past members to give back to the club. CUSSC is of course a non-profit and all donations go towards the continuous upkeep and improvement on the lodge at Temple Basin.

CUSSC is run each year by university students, same as it has been for generations. Each year we strive to improve our club in every tangible way. Much of what needs improvement currently is our lodge which we own on Temple Basin. The lodge has stood for many years and requires more money every year. A donation to CUSSC is a donation to the lodge, the future members, and the future of CUSSC.

Thank you so much.



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